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Paintless Dent Repair of your car body (PDR)

PDR method is a modern way of body repair without painting. This technology
of body repair is very gentle to your car that does not lose value by its repair.


7 advantages for you

  • Fast repair of car body while you wait
  • Repair without painting (car doesn't lose its value)
  • Up to 60% savings against regular repair
  • 100% of damage repaired
  • Ekological repair without using chemicals
  • Warranty od the repair is a commonplace
  • Settling insurance claims for you

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How does it work?

PDR method introduces an effective repairing of damaged car body without the necessity of painting. It is manual straigtening of damaged parts from the interior side of the sheet by extrusion or extracting. Primarly it is used for body repairs after hails, parking, vandalism or from regular traffic.

1. Extrusion

We gently press the dents up from the interior side with a special steel tool, there is no damage to the paint.

2. Extracting

If we can not use the extrusion from the other side of the sheet, we apply a glue spot and by pulling out backwards we straighten the damaged area to its original state.

3. Manual leveling

Often, the damage still need be to manually straighten so we use the memory effect of the sheet and beat the damaged area carefully with a special pencil.

Did you know that...

PDR Technology was first used in 1940s when Mercedes Benz and BMW producers were looking for an effective way of a paintless dent repair for damaged pieces from production. With gradual improvement and inventions, production felt the PDR method into oblivion.

However, in 1980s american car dealers rediscovered the potential of PDR method which kept improving till its present form which is a highly requested alternative to regular methods of repairing.

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