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Express painting

Why wait with your paint repair for days? Our proffesional paint repair
does not last more than an hour and you will save distinctly. See for yourself.


Advantages of express painting

  • Super-fast paint repair while you wait
  • Our own technology a know-how
  • 100% repair quality with warranty
  • Save up to 40-70% compared to regular prices
  • Without parts removal
  • We mind the interior protection during the repair
  • We are open every day

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How is this possible?

Are you asking how it is possible for a paint repair to take less than 1 hour? Our express paintshop uses the newest and absolutely unique technology of express painting developed in Germany. This technology of paint and dent repair is not only super fast but also 100% of quality. There is no need to remove damaged part which saves you money for parts removal and their placing.

We believe you will be satisfied

You will not be able to notice the repaired spot by eye, color and paint are exactly the same as the undamaged parts. This repair is possible for every color and type of paint. Firstclass technology in hardening and drying of the putty, color and paint makes it possible for you to leave within 1 hour with the same car body as before any damage!

Before & After

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Book a repair now

Are you interested in our services? Do you have a question or
do you want to book a repair? Do not hesitate and contact us anytime.