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Repairs after hail damage (PDR)

Did your car get damaged by hail? We will fix your car body by PDR method without painting.
It is the most effective way of repair after hail damage in absolutely record time.

Repair full of advantages

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Thunderstorms, hail...

Were you so unlucky and your car got hail damage? We have great news for you, more then 5 years we specialize in hail damage repairs of your car body by PDR method.

We are able to fix both metal a aluminium sheets, from one dent to hundrets of dents. We worked on thousands of cars after hal damage from both, domestic and foreign clients. We believe that you are in good hands with us.

Dents straightening

Hail damage repair is beeing done only by PDR method (Paintless Dent Repair) with which we will definitely surpass your expectations. Hail damage repair by PDR method is very thrifty to your car, it is a mechanical repair without painting. There is no damage of the paint and your car does not lose value!

Hail damage repair by modern PDR method is nowadays the more or less non written standart for these type of repairs and also presents a very advantageous alternative against conventional repairs (grind, puttying, painting). Do not pay more than you need to – we will save your time and finances.

Insurance companies partner

We are happy we are able to help you with settling your insurance claims in cooperation with our partner and other insurance companies that we cooperate closely with. Our specialists for settlement of insurance claims are always available to help you.

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