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Settling insurance claim

If you have collision or liability insurance, we can help you settle your claims.
You will not pay extra money and also save time and worries.

We are contractual partners with insurance companies Česká pojišťovna, AXA and Triglav.
We will be also happy to settle your insurance claim with following insurance companies.

Česká pojišťovna Axa Triglav Allianz Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna ČSOB pojišťovna Generali pojišťovna Hasičská pojišťovna Kooperativa pojišťovna Slavia pojišťovna Uniqa pojišťovna Wustenrot pojišťovna

Save your money and time

How does this work? On behalf of power of attorney we will represent you with your insurance company and take care of the important for you. You will just come to our workshop, where we can calculate the repair and send the calculation to your insurance company. We will do the repair and it will ve already covered by the insurance company due to your insurance contract or property liability law.

This service is for our customers for FREE.

For more informatiton do not hesitate and contact our department at toll-free number: 800 01 01 03

How to proceed correctly?

  • 1. Call our toll-free line: 800 01 01 03
    We will go thought all the important with you and book you a suitable term for car inspection.

  • 2. Bring your car in for the booked term
    We will sign the power of attorney so we can represent you with the insurance company.

  • 3. Car body repair is done and you are leaving
    Insurance company receives an invoice which they pay for you.

Book a repair now

Are you interested in our services? Do you have a question or
do you want to book a repair? Do not hesitate and contact us anytime.